Easy Trails In Idyllwild

You will find several hiking trails in Idyllwild that are worth visiting. Some of the trails require license or permit, while other trails may be visited even without permits.

Hiking in Idyllwild

Hiking in Idyllwild

The Ernie Maxwell scenic trail is an easy hike that covers 2.6 miles. Families with kids will have a wonderful time exploring the beautiful sights featured in the trails. Nature enthusiasts find the trail a delight to visit because of the groves of trees and interesting plants that they can observe in the trail.

The Palm Canyon Trail is more challenging than Ernie Maxwell because of the longer miles that the former offers. Moreover, the Palm Canyon Trail requires hikers to obtain a written permission from the tribal council of Agua Caliente. The permit is necessary for hikers to obtain, before they cross the tribal areas along the trail.

South Fork Trail offers a moderately strenuous hike, as it features a 3800-feet trailhead elevation to the southern section of the San Jacinto River. After a challenging hike, you can enjoy an exciting time fishing in the beautiful river of San Jacinto. These non-wilderness trails are among the famous trails in Idyllwild. Try to visit these trails, and you would experience the exhilarating feeling of walking around these natural wonders of the famous mountain village.

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