Hiking Trails In Idyllwild

Delight in the fresh air and impressive views at the mountain village of Idyllwild. You will experience the fascinating feeling of being one with nature, as you visit the beautiful hiking trails in the village.

Sunset Idyllwild

Sunset Idyllwild

The trails at Idyllwild feature lush trees and an idyllic sight of the natural wonders in Idyllwild. Deer Springs is an exciting hiking trail that stretches all the way to Suicide Rock. The Deer Springs hiking trail is a moderate hiking trail that is perfect for a day trip. It is a 3.3-mile hike that features a beautiful view of Suicide Rock. The best time to hike along Deer Springs is in May to November.

Marion Mountain Trail is another excellent trail that appeals to those who are after a strenuous hike. The trail measures 5.8 miles, beginning at Marion Mountain and ends at San Jacinto Peak. There are steep switchbacks along the trail, thus making the trail appealing to experienced hikers. Tourists should visit the trail in June to October because of the weather that is conducive to hiking. If you are looking for a great way to experience the beauty of nature at Idyllwild, you should try to check out these hiking trails.

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