Rental Cabins at Woodland Park Manor in Idyllwild

Our cabins are not always available when you visit Idyllwild, but there are lots of alternatives if we just can’t help you out.

The beautiful village in this part of California offers numerous cottages and cabins that tourists can rent at affordable rates. Woodland Park Manor features a wide variety of lodging that tourists will find rather impressive. The cottages at Woodland Park Manor are surrounded by towering pines, thus creating a picturesque scene. The rental cabins feature an outstanding facade and a homey interior. Anyone will adore the cozy rooms, floor to ceiling windows, fireplace and private decks in the cabins at Woodland Park Manor. For those who are after privacy in their cabin, they can check out the Manor’s “Cottage In The Woods”. The cabins in this part of the Manor is a romantic place for honeymooners or those who like a rental cabin with a tranquil ambiance. Cottage In The Woods offers a cabin good for two persons, a private deck, BBQ area, fireplace and a lovely kitchen. “Pool In The Pines” is a fabulous area at the Manor where anyone can enjoy swimming in the relaxing waters, or basking under the sun. Check out Woodland Park Manor for the impressive cabins and idyllic sights in this mountain village at California.

So, check with us first, but if all else fails, there are lots of options.

About Idyllwild Rental

A lover of Idyllwild, I own a home there which is for rent.
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