Vacation Rentals In Idyllwild: Stellar Summit Cabin

While we prefer you to rent our cabin, the fact is that it’s just not always available.

So if you are looking for an alternative in Idyllwild, you should check out Stellar Summit Cabin. It is is an excellent rental house for your temporary stay in Idyllwild. The cabin is located at the San Jacinto Mountains, thus giving the cabin a beautiful cool weather. This lovely cabin is nestled on the hilltop, which gives anyone an enchanting view of the forest and the delightful mountains. Because of the superb facilities in the cabin, anyone can have a wonderful vacation at Idyllwild. The rooms at the cabin consists of a cozy bedroom that is perfect for those who are looking for a quiet and peaceful retreat. The bedroom of the cabin provides anyone with an attractive view of the natural wonders at Idyllwild. For a homey feeling, the cabins feature a wood burning stove, jacuzzi tub and an attractive facade of the cabin. Pet owners are welcome, too, because the Stellar Summit Cabin allows anyone to bring dogs.

So, try out this remarkable cabin at the heart of Idyllwild if our own cabin is already rented.

About Idyllwild Rental

A lover of Idyllwild, I own a home there which is for rent.
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