Fall in Idyllwild

Fall is coming fast, and we still have available dates open for your vacation.  Don’t wait too long to reserve your Log Cabin though, with the vacations, we sell out pretty quickly in the next few months.

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Under New Management

Hi everyone, new and old renters.

As of today, our two cabins is being managed by the owners. Our website has been updated to reflect the change and the contact information. If you need to book, please use the contact information provided on the rental page.


Anders, Wendie, Jari, Janine, Irma and Jouko

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June 2nd, the Idyllwild 5K and 10K race is on

Can you imagine a more beautiful place to race than Idyllwild? The proceeds from the race goes towards Idyllwild School physical education. The winners will receive custom medallions, as will the winners in the fitness walk.

Read all about it here: http://www.idyllwildrace.com/

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Wood Carving In Idyllwild

Wood carving is a form of art that is popular during the middle ages, even up to the present. In Idyllwild, you will see many wood carvings expressing the artistry of their creator. These wood products are ideal for decorative purposes, and sometimes functional as furniture, shelves and other items made by Idyllwild wood carvers. If you are fond of wood carving and you wish to purchase some of these products, you should drop by the stores that sell outstanding wood artworks by great Idyllwild artists.

For instance, you could check out Kirby Craig’s Wood Carving items. The shop is located at the Big Bear Lake, which is about 25 miles from Idyllwild. You could find interesting wood products in this store, which you should visit when you happen to be in Idyllwild. You might also want to drop by Bayside Watch, another fabulous store that offers a number of wood carvings by the talented artists in Idyllwild.

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Rental Cabins at Woodland Park Manor in Idyllwild

Our cabins are not always available when you visit Idyllwild, but there are lots of alternatives if we just can’t help you out.

The beautiful village in this part of California offers numerous cottages and cabins that tourists can rent at affordable rates. Woodland Park Manor features a wide variety of lodging that tourists will find rather impressive. The cottages at Woodland Park Manor are surrounded by towering pines, thus creating a picturesque scene. The rental cabins feature an outstanding facade and a homey interior. Anyone will adore the cozy rooms, floor to ceiling windows, fireplace and private decks in the cabins at Woodland Park Manor. For those who are after privacy in their cabin, they can check out the Manor’s “Cottage In The Woods”. The cabins in this part of the Manor is a romantic place for honeymooners or those who like a rental cabin with a tranquil ambiance. Cottage In The Woods offers a cabin good for two persons, a private deck, BBQ area, fireplace and a lovely kitchen. “Pool In The Pines” is a fabulous area at the Manor where anyone can enjoy swimming in the relaxing waters, or basking under the sun. Check out Woodland Park Manor for the impressive cabins and idyllic sights in this mountain village at California.

So, check with us first, but if all else fails, there are lots of options.

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Vacation Rentals In Idyllwild: Stellar Summit Cabin

While we prefer you to rent our cabin, the fact is that it’s just not always available.

So if you are looking for an alternative in Idyllwild, you should check out Stellar Summit Cabin. It is is an excellent rental house for your temporary stay in Idyllwild. The cabin is located at the San Jacinto Mountains, thus giving the cabin a beautiful cool weather. This lovely cabin is nestled on the hilltop, which gives anyone an enchanting view of the forest and the delightful mountains. Because of the superb facilities in the cabin, anyone can have a wonderful vacation at Idyllwild. The rooms at the cabin consists of a cozy bedroom that is perfect for those who are looking for a quiet and peaceful retreat. The bedroom of the cabin provides anyone with an attractive view of the natural wonders at Idyllwild. For a homey feeling, the cabins feature a wood burning stove, jacuzzi tub and an attractive facade of the cabin. Pet owners are welcome, too, because the Stellar Summit Cabin allows anyone to bring dogs.

So, try out this remarkable cabin at the heart of Idyllwild if our own cabin is already rented.

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Idyllwild Rental Rustic Cabins

One of the best things about Idyllwild is the picturesque scene that you can see right outside your cabin window.

Our cabin

Our cabin

If you have visited the astounding mountain village, you would discover the magnificent snow-capped peaks that surround the peaceful towns. Many tourists are amazed at the serene ambiance of Idyllwild. They marvel at the rich forests, clear waters and historic places in the village.

If you happen to visit Idyllwild, you should try renting a cabin that would be a perfect place for you to stay. Idyllwild Inn features a number of rustic cabins for rent. These cabins are impressive and elegant, as these have exquisite facilities and pieces of furniture in each room. When you wake up in the morning, you would love to step out of the cabin and observe the tranquil beauty all around you. The excellent thing about Idyllwild Inn is that it is surrounded by the natural wonders of the mountain village. Thus, you would feel one with nature, as you see the majestic mountains and the groves of trees that are very visible from your room in the rustic cabin.

Our kitchen

Our kitchen

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Impressive Houses For Sale In Idyllwild

Are you thinking of a way to escape from the hustle and bustle in the city? If you dream of residing in a quiet village that is close to nature, you should consider purchasing a home in Idyllwild. You could find a number of charming houses in the beautiful town of Idyllwild, and you could choose from different styles and sizes of rustic or modern houses. Moreover, you would have an easy time searching for the ideal house for you, with the help of a reliable real estate agent in Idyllwild.

If you are on a tight budget, you could find a simple and adorable house below $100,000. These houses usually have one bedroom, fully furnished, and carpeted. You could also have the luxury of being one with nature, as these attractive houses are nestled along groves of beautiful pine trees. Big families could find lovely homes at an affordable rate. In fact, there are two-storey houses that are available at $120,000 to $145,000. The houses have two bedrooms, expansive living rooms, fully furnished kitchen and two toilet and baths. Homeowners will have an amazing time at the patio that features a porch swing. You should contact an agent in Idyllwild for more details on the houses for sale in this lovely village.

P.S. for the right bid, our rental properties are also for sale. Please contact owners.

winter in Idyllwild

Winter in Idyllwild. Our house is for sale for serious buyers.

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Easy Trails In Idyllwild

You will find several hiking trails in Idyllwild that are worth visiting. Some of the trails require license or permit, while other trails may be visited even without permits.

Hiking in Idyllwild

Hiking in Idyllwild

The Ernie Maxwell scenic trail is an easy hike that covers 2.6 miles. Families with kids will have a wonderful time exploring the beautiful sights featured in the trails. Nature enthusiasts find the trail a delight to visit because of the groves of trees and interesting plants that they can observe in the trail.

The Palm Canyon Trail is more challenging than Ernie Maxwell because of the longer miles that the former offers. Moreover, the Palm Canyon Trail requires hikers to obtain a written permission from the tribal council of Agua Caliente. The permit is necessary for hikers to obtain, before they cross the tribal areas along the trail.

South Fork Trail offers a moderately strenuous hike, as it features a 3800-feet trailhead elevation to the southern section of the San Jacinto River. After a challenging hike, you can enjoy an exciting time fishing in the beautiful river of San Jacinto. These non-wilderness trails are among the famous trails in Idyllwild. Try to visit these trails, and you would experience the exhilarating feeling of walking around these natural wonders of the famous mountain village.

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Hiking Trails In Idyllwild

Delight in the fresh air and impressive views at the mountain village of Idyllwild. You will experience the fascinating feeling of being one with nature, as you visit the beautiful hiking trails in the village.

Sunset Idyllwild

Sunset Idyllwild

The trails at Idyllwild feature lush trees and an idyllic sight of the natural wonders in Idyllwild. Deer Springs is an exciting hiking trail that stretches all the way to Suicide Rock. The Deer Springs hiking trail is a moderate hiking trail that is perfect for a day trip. It is a 3.3-mile hike that features a beautiful view of Suicide Rock. The best time to hike along Deer Springs is in May to November.

Marion Mountain Trail is another excellent trail that appeals to those who are after a strenuous hike. The trail measures 5.8 miles, beginning at Marion Mountain and ends at San Jacinto Peak. There are steep switchbacks along the trail, thus making the trail appealing to experienced hikers. Tourists should visit the trail in June to October because of the weather that is conducive to hiking. If you are looking for a great way to experience the beauty of nature at Idyllwild, you should try to check out these hiking trails.

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