Driving In The Snow During Winter In Idyllwild

Idyllwild offers a breath-taking view of the natural wonders all over the mountain village. You can find the lush trees in the hiking trails, and the snow-capped hills and mountains all over Idyllwild. Many tourists experience the joy of driving around the village, as Idyllwild features a number of excellent sights. However, driving around Idyllwild can be rather challenging during winter. The roads can be very slippery because of the snow, and the frost can make it difficult for you to open the doors, once these freeze.

Snow in Idyllwild

Snow in Idyllwild

You should be prepared for the challenges when driving during winter. First, you should make sure that your car has a full gas tank. You would not want to get stuck on the road, in case the gas tanks becomes empty. Many gas stations are already closed even before nightfall; thus, you will find it a big problem when looking for a gas refill for your car. Before you leave home, you should put lubricants on the door locks and the hood, so you would not worry about these parts freezing because of the snow. Moreover, you should apply solvent with rubbing alcohol on the wiper and the windshield to prevent these from freezing. You should prepare your car before you hit the road, so that you would have a great time driving in the snow in Idyllwild.

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Souvenir Shops In Idyllwild

During your visit to Idyllwild, you should stop by the popular souvenir shops in the mountain village. The shops feature a variety of interesting gift items and souvenirs that many tourists love.

The Pony Express Trading Post is one of the top souvenir stores in Idyllwild. The store has a “western” appeal, with items that can remind anyone of cowboys and the Wild West. Anyone who is interested in boots, belts and any item that has a western look will love touring around this amazing souvenir shop. The shop is located at North Circle Drive, and it features an outstanding facade that will impress anyone. The Pony Express Trading Post also has an online store that is open any time.

Wooley’s is another souvenir shop located at the North Circle Drive. The shop sells a number of sheepskin products such as slippers, boots, and many other products. Aside from these items, Wooley’s feature car accessories and home decorations with sheepskin material. Anyone can find steering wheel covers, seat covers, rugs, pillows and throws – all with sheepskin. These are only two of the top souvenir shops that tourists can visit in Idyllwild.

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Outstanding Art Galleries In Idyllwild

Idyllwild is famous for its picturesque sights and peace-loving citizens. Tourists are drawn to the natural beauty of this mountain village, and love to spend their vacation in Idyllwild. Aside from the natural wonders at Idyllwild, art enthusiasts will enjoy touring at the impressive art galleries in this beautiful village.

Acorn Gallery is a fabulous place for tourists who are fond of paintings, sculptures and photography. This adorable little cabin in the mountain village of Idyllwild is an art gallery and gift shop. The gallery is open everyday, and it features the impressive works of several artists such as Brian Jackson, Erin Murray, Brigitte Lopez, and David Salk, among many others. Aside from artworks, Acorn Gallery features a variety of souvenirs and handicrafts that the tourists can purchase at reasonable prices.

For those who like to check out another gallery at Idyllwild, they can visit Earth ‘N Fire. Anyone can have an exciting time creating their own artworks made from clay. Kids and adults alike can have an amazing time finger painting and designing their own cups, plates and vases. Anyone should visit these excellent art galleries can bring out the artist within.

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Cozy Restaurants and Great Food At Idyllwild

Many tourists enjoy their travel to Idyllwild because of the fascinating sights and homey ambiance all over the mountain village. This interesting town in California is famous for several things such as the exciting recreation, fabulous cabins for rent and the hospitable Idyllwild fellows. For those who are planning to spend their vacation at Idyllwild, they should check out the great restaurants in town.

Mountain Restaurant is one of the best “slow food” restaurants in Idyllwild. Anyone can rely on the scrumptious and healthy food served at this restaurant. The meats used in the different food items have excellent quality. There are no growth hormones or other chemicals fed to the animals. The cooking procedure and food preparation are also reliable because there are no unhealthy practices done in making the different menus at Mountain Restaurant. Moreover, the customers can enjoy the beautiful ambiance and cozy feeling that the restaurant offers.

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Art Galleries in Idyllwild

Aside from the natural treasures and scenic views, Idyllwild is home to numerous artists and several galleries in Idyllwild feature the brilliant works of these local artists.

Art enthusiasts will have a thrilling time as they walk along the hallways of the galleries and museums. The inspiring paintings, fascinating sculptures and amazing artworks of Idyllwild artists are simply outstanding. Moreover, there are galleries that combine art and music; the spectators will delight on gazing at the remarkable paintings, as they listen to the relaxing and soothing instrumental music played in the background.

The art galleries in Idyllwild are a fusion of classical music, excellent artworks and paintings in several mediums.

Anyone should visit the stores’ spectacular features to discover the great talents and skills that Idyllwild artists can offer the world.

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Souvenirs Shops In Idyllwild

Idyllwild offers spectacular landscapes, cultural shops and cozy cafes that many tourists will love.

There are several shops around Idyllwild where tourists can find great novelty items and souvenirs. Among the excellent souvenir shops in Idyllwild are Grey Squirrel, Rustic Cabin, The Spruce Moose, Idyllwild Gift Shop and Faux Ever After.

These shops are definitely worth a visit because of the interesting goods and products sold. Moreover, anyone will be amazed at the unique themes and decorations of these souvenir shops. Tourists will have a marvelous time shopping for Idyllwild products such as souvenir shirts, sweatshirts, key chains, mugs and many other fun quirky items from the local crafts and arts community.

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Properties For Sale In Idyllwild

If you are planning to settle down in Idyllwild the first thing you need to do is to look for a house (Duh) :).

You will have an easy time looking for the ideal house to purchase with the help of accommodating real estate agents in the village. These agents can provide you with several options in your search for a new home. If you wish to avail of a simple home that is just right for two to four occupants, you can find one at around $179,000 to $198,000. A typical house with that price range has 2 bedrooms, 2 toilet and bath, fireplace and a storage shed. Moreover, there is provision for a car port and a dog run (great for homeowners with pets).

You will also enjoy spending tranquil moments at the patio because due to the shape of the valley, many houses have awesome scenic views of the lake and the forest. In short, you can have the best experience living in this beautiful village, as you bask in the comfort of a cozy and fabulous home.

We welcome you amongst us.

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Renting In Idyllwild: Cozy Cabins And Cottages

Idyllwild is a great place to visit if you are fond of nature and beautiful landscapes. You can enjoy engaging in a number of exciting activities during your stay in this mountain village.

There are hiking trails, cozy cafes, ski slopes and museums in Idyllwild and many tourists make it a point to drop by this lovely village, so they can experience the fabulous sights and sounds.

Renting a place to stay will not be a problem for tourists because there are a great many excellent cabins in Idyllwild. The cabins exude a homey and  comfy ambiance, which make the guests feel at home in an instant.

The vacation rentals in this California mountain village offer affordable rates for the superb rooms and facilities ensuring you will have the best vacationing experience in Idyllwild.
Of course, we recommend using our cabin which you can read about on this site, but if we’re sold out (which we often are), don’t let that discourage you.
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Ernie Maxwell Hiking Trail

Idyllwild is famous for its picturesque landscapes and superb natural resources. Take a breath of fresh air and let your eyes feast on the wide variety of trees you can find in this mountain village.
Those who are fond of nature will enjoy hiking in Idyllwild’s famous trails. For instance, you might want to stroll along the Ernie Maxwell hiking trail. The trail offers a 5-mile walk in one of the easiest trails in Idyllwild. Hiking novices will find the trail ideal for them because of the well-marked sections that will help them find their way easily. The Ernie Maxwell trail is also perfect for a leisure walk with the family. The trail gives a lovely view of  Lily Rock and Suicide Rock. For those who feel tired from walking,  just pause for a while and listen to the pleasant sound of the gentle stream.
Children and adults will love the three-hour nature walk at the Ernie Maxwell hiking trail. This scenic spot in Idyllwild must be on every tourist’s itinerary because of the fascinating views and the wonderful experience that hiking offers.
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Fire Safety In The Forest

Forest fire can easily destroy lives and property, which is why everyone should be responsible in preventing it from happening. Idyllwild is particularly vulnerable with it’s tall pines and dry summer weather.
Campers should be cautious when picking a site in the forest. A campground with an existing fire pit is the best burning site because it is far from the ground with dry condition. If the place does not have an existing fire pit, any site that is at least 15 feet away from trees, tent walls, shrubs and flammable items makes the best choice for a burning site. Campers should dig a one-foot pit  in the dirt and line up big stones around it. The pit should be filled with dry pieces of wood, and the unused wood should be placed far from the pit. For emergency purposes, there should always be a few buckets of water and a shovel nearby, in case the fire becomes bigger.
Before leaving the site, campers should extinguish the fire to prevent it from spreading. The best way to do this is to let the wood burn into ashes. Another smart way to put out the fire is to pour plenty of water on the fire until the hissing sound stops. With these fire safety tips, anyone can prevent forest fires and have a safe and fun camping experience.
But don’t take our word for it, read what Smokey Bear has to say before you camp.
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